Dr. Charest’s professional practice focuses on providing patients with individually tailored dental care of the highest quality in both general and neuromuscular dentistry. She is an extremely meticulous dentist with a keen eye for even the smallest details. Dr. Charest takes pride in her work and finds dentistry to be a wonderfully fulfilling career. She speaks fluently in both English and French.
Dr. Jocelyne Charest, a Canadian general dentist, graduated from the University of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In addition to her Canadian Board license, Dr. Jocelyne is also certified since 1996 by the American Board of Dentistry.
Dr. Charest has gained extensive experience in General Dentistry with emphasis in Neuromuscular Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry. She was trained by the prestigious LVI Global Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. LVI Global is the premier facility in the world for advanced cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry based on neuromuscular principles.


Date of the surgery:   December 2013
My city and country:   Dubai, UAE


My e-mail address:   drjocelyne@yahoo.com
Case description:                                    This is my first full implant case. I have been using AxisGuide and the universal MultiDrill guide and kit to make it secure and simple.
  Setting up the implant positions in Plan module after image treatment in Image modulet.
  Implant positioning is checked in 2D and in 3D.
  The surgical guideline is delivered with all instructions to perform the surgery.
  Dr. Jocelyne Charest and her assistant during the surgery.
  The bone supported guide was fabricated in a ANPA MEDICAL Agreed Production Center in less than 3 open days.
  After a full flap elevation the guide was positioned and screw retained using a single retention screw. The position was unique and « obvious ».
  Using the first spoon with a Regular spoon and a 2mm drill with a stop at 17mm.
  After drilling the implants are driven in their exact right position.
  Interrupted sutures have been performed to close the flaps using gut chromix.
  This is the panoramic X-ray showing the implants just after placement.
  Correction of the Class 3 with an important vertical loss of bone.
What benefit I got from AxisGuide system in this case ?   A STRESS-FREE DENTAL IMPLANT SURGERY This was my first full lower arch dental implant guided surgery. The planning with the AxisGuide was both easy and quick, a real charm! The use of the surgical guide made the surgery much easier to execute. It made me confident that the implants would be positioned away from the nerve, and yet at the best location with regard to bone density. It was a stress-free surgery! This AxisGuide system make placing implants very easy and allow dentists to confidently add implants in their practice. This is a Step-by-Step user-friendly system, easy to perform with the MultiDrill universal surgical kit. I highly recommend this combo system AxisGuide software and MultiDrill kit to any dentist thinking about doing implants but who may be finding this too challenging or too expensive. Finally, here is a cutting edge, SECURE and EASY system that allows dentists to work with any implant manufacturer at an affordable cost.