Dr. Bruno Clunet-Coste is a talented and experienced  praticionner in the field of computer guided implantology.

He has been a leader in developing immediate mloading techniques using composite fiber material. "These materials can easily compete with metals in terms of aesthetics and strength. When they are structured and arranged to receive and absorb stresses, they become more efficient than metal, especially when under stress alternating and repetitive ( fatigue). "

Date of the surgery:   October 2014
City & country   Grenoble, France
My e-mail address:   bclunet@wanadoo.fr
My case presentation:                                    

My clinical case is about doing a high accuracy impression allowing making an implant supported prosthesis in 10 minutes. The use of hybrid fiber light curing lining allows linking implant transfers to fabricate a self loaded three dimensional structure, type not deformable CST, strongly attached on transfers. The structure itself allows keeping the spacial coordinate of the implant positions. The dental laboratory and the practitioner have more time to perfectly finish a nice temporary prosthesis. This accurate impression technique allows avoiding using stability tests (Sheffield).


Implant placement and immediate loading is immediately performed after extractions.

All is planned on AxisGuide software.

  Implants are placed using a UniDrill surgical guide.
  Multi abutment are placed to received the immediate screw-retained prosthesis. The top of the screws are protected using plastic cylinders which we can easily remove to retreive the prosthesis.
  Implants are splinted together using a CST thread.
  The left implant is tighted and we come back on the other side.
  The whole appliance is polymerized using blue light.
  To finish the job some CST Link acrylic is placed other each abutment.
  An impression tray with a membrane is filled with a translucent silicone material and placed other the preparation for two and a half minutes.
  Photopolymerization is completed by illumination through the translucent silicone material.
  Translucent membrane is openend, plastic protections are remeoved.
  Screws are removed.
  Impression is removed.
  A plaster cast model is done at the dental laboratory with an optimal placement of implant analogs.