ANPA MEDICAL SUPPLIES DMCC is working hard to put secure computer guided implantology at your finger tips.


ANPA MEDICAL SUPPLIES DMCC offers a full set of products and services from the CT scan to the guided surgery.
You can do all on your own or ANPA can do it for you.
Your surgical guides can be designed, exported and fabricated in our Production Center in 3 working days.
ANPA MEDICAL SUPPLIES DMCC provides surgical kits with universal tools to make computer-guided implantology easy, fast and secure.

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  We design and fabricate guides for any brand and any kind of implants.
  We design and fabricate guides for standard implants but also for orthodontic and zygoma implants.

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Where should I go to order a guide? Sign in the Anpa Medical Order web site then go to Products and select #1 (I order a Smart Guide) or #2 (Try a guide with our technical help).

We make conversions and plannings on several planning software including Simplant, Blue Sky Bio and others...

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