Acteon® committed for a long time a rigorous quality policy turned to the customer satisfaction,innovation as well as respect for the Standards and the applicable international regulations.

• Customer satisfaction

This is our primary objective. Our customers and partners represent one of our most precious assetsand their continued satisfaction must remain a driving element for our actions, both in terms ofproducts and service.

• Innovation

Our world strategy of offering products and associated services must be based on the top of the range, High Tech, innovative technically and clinically, and thus, with high-value-added. Obviously, the high quality of our products and services is an essential element in our offer and can suffer no weakness and no dispensation.

Beyond these objectives, the competitiveness of the Acteon® Group continues naturally to rely on itscapacity of innovation, its industrial dynamism and its permanent commercial presence.

• Respect of, and constant reference to, international regulations

They condition and regulate the manufacturer’s liabilities, as well as the expectations of end usersthe world over. Respect of these regulations allows Acteon® to build up its market shares, pursue its progress and reach new areas and customers.

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  Phone Number:     +33 (0)556 34 06 07
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