1. How can I know if the CT scan I send to you can be used to build up a surgical guide?

The requested format is a DICOM format. A DICOM format can be exported from all spiral CT or all CBCT. Be careful to always use the latest version of the software to run your CBCT. If you do not know how to export your CTs, go to the tested CBCTs web page and load the way to export a CBCT to open in ANPA planning software.

2. What do I need to send to get a surgical guide laying on the teeth and on the mucosa?

You need to send a DICOM file (compress the DICOM forlder to send it to us) and you need to send a digital image of the plaster cast of the arch in the same conditions as for the day of the surgery (teeth extracted).

3. What do I need to send to get a surgical guide laying in the bone?

You need to send the DICOM only.

4. What do I need to send to get a surgical guide laying in the mucosa for a full case?

You have 2 options:
1. You can prepare the denture of the patient with some gutta percha markers and make a double scan procedure. You need then to send 2 DICOMs.
2. You can make a scanning appliance and take the CT scan with the appliance in the patient’s mouth.

5. Where should I go to order a guide.

You Sign in the Anpa Medical Order web site then you go to Products and you and you choose #1 (I order a Smart Guide) or #2 (Try a guide with our technical help).

6. How long it takes to receive my surgical guide?

After receiving your agreement to print you need to consider 4 days for a local delivery and 6 to 7 days for an international delivery.

7. How can I pay my guide?

You can either pay by credit card online payment or by money transfer or cash or check for the UAE.

8. How can I send my feedback request or complaint to ANPA MEDICAL SUPPLIES DMCC?

Go to the feedback form

and fill the form. A swift answer will be sent back to you.